Oilheat in 2018: Clean and Powerful

Date: May 3, 2018

Environmentally friendly

From Charleston to Greenville and everywhere in between, oilheat has been keeping South Carolina homes affordably warm and safe for many years. Yet most people don’t realize that in the last few years, heating oil has been reformulated to make it cleaner burning, much more environmentally friendly and significantly more energy efficient.

What this Means for You

  • Sulfur levels have been reduced dramatically and home heating oil is now considered an ultra-low sulfur fuel. This improves heating system efficiency and cleanliness and reduces air emissions.
  • Heating oil now contains biodiesel, a blend of oil from homegrown material like soybeans and other renewable products. This new fuel is called Bioheat®. It is 100% made in America and requires no modifications to your existing system.
  • Bioheat® supports more efficient equipment, reduces emissions dramatically and eliminates the source of many equipment breakdowns.
  • Today’s blends, with the greatest percentage of biodiesel, make oilheat one of the cleanest heat sources in the country,

When you combine the new oilheat with other recent technological breakthroughs, it’s a whole new ballgame. Heating oil has never been as clean, or felt so good, or so warm.

Want to Know More?

As your energy efficiency partner, your heating oil dealer can give you great advice about how to benefit from the new oilheat. In fact, a recent independent study asked homeowners who they trusted more, their oilheat company or other energy providers. We are excited to report that homeowners chose their oilheat company by a three-to-one margin!

Trust is the basis on which local oilheat dealers operate and our industry is proud to have earned the trust of so many customers.

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