Keep Your Oil Tank Full

Date: May 10, 2019

Oil half full

There’s so much to look forward to right now in South Carolina.

A day on the golf course. A walking tour of the Battery in Charleston. Hiking on the Palmetto Trail. Hitting the road to find some great barbecue. And so on.

But, in between enjoying all of these fun activities, call your local South Carolina oilheat provider to schedule a heating oil delivery.

This may seem strange to you, but please read on to find out why.

An easy way to protect your tank

Empty space is a troublemaker when it comes to oil tanks. It’s always better to keep your tank at least half-full (preferably more) during the warm months.

Condensation is the reason. Empty space in your tank is space where water condensation can form. And condensation is more common during the spring and summer. Hot days and cool nights create the right atmosphere for condensation buildup to accelerate inside your tank. And if your tank is aboveground, outdoors and in an unshaded area, it’s very vulnerable to condensation.

Oil and water don’t mix. Water forms on the bare walls on the empty area of the tank. It then drips down and sinks to the bottom of the tank because it is more dense than heating oil. There, it becomes an ideal environment for bacteria and other microorganisms. These eventually become sediment that can create problems with your oil tank. One problem is that sediment can enter your fuel lines and clog them up, causing your heating system to shut down.

Other full tank benefits

Knowing you’re protecting your investment in a home heating oil storage tank should give you motivation enough to get a “summer fill.” But there are other benefits to filling your oil tank now.

  • A full tank guarantees you’ll have fuel for your heating system on hand when you need it. Cold weather can sneak up on us, so don’t be caught without enough oil to get you through the first surprise cold snap.
  • You’ll have more flexibility for scheduling a home heating oil delivery at your convenience now, rather than waiting until fall to order fuel when everyone else is. Worst-case scenario is waiting until the last minute and having to schedule an inconvenient – and more expensive – emergency fuel delivery.

The bottom line: condensation inside your oil tank is a problem, but an avoidable one. Schedule a heating oil delivery soon—and then get back to enjoying your spring and summer activities in South Carolina.