Make The Most Of Your Time This Summer

Date: July 24, 2020

Save Energy And Money With Your Home Cooling

home cooling efficiency south carolina

While you’ll be looking for ways to save on your heating bills soon enough, right now keeping cool is a priority—and so is your energy bill. Check out these easy ways to save both money and energy during the hottest time of year.

Mark your calendar to check your air filter once a month. Be sure to change it if you see that it’s necessary to do so. Talk to your service technician if you need assistance in deciding whether you need a new filter. If you do, they can also talk you through the steps of replacing the filter.

Are you looking for a way keep the summer heat out? One way to go is to secure your windows: Lock the hot air out and hold the cold air in by sealing them. You’ll save money in the long run with this step, which you can accomplish with caulk for nonmoving parts and weatherstripping for moveable joints.

Another approach is to purchase ventilating fans to run in the hot weather. Get rid of the hot air in your house quickly—possibly in an hour or less—by setting up ventilating fans in your bathroom, kitchen and other rooms.

And if you’re looking for an all-weather, year-round solution, install a smart programmable thermostat. Whether you’re away or just sleeping through the night, one of these devices will help you conserve energy and save on your bills. In fact, a smart programmable thermostat can cut up to 10% from your energy usage!

Finally, one more thing you should do—and this one also applies to every day of the year: Clear away any unnecessary items in front of your baseboards or vents. Whether there are pieces of furniture in the way, a too-thick rug, or assorted kids’ shoes and toys on the floor, you’ll want this area to be clear in order to make the most of your South Carolina home’s energy usage.