Biofuel Made in South Carolina

Date: February 21, 2022

Green Fuel for the Future Sees Local Growth

biodiesel south carolinaDid you know the vegetable oil you cook your meals in today could become part of the home heating solution of tomorrow? It’s true! And a forward-thinking company in the Palmetto State is helping.

Many South Carolina families toss their used cooking oil in the backyard. But that has a negative effect on plant growth and animal health. Fortunately, Green Energy Biofuel has a green alternative: collecting used cooking oil in drop-off bins at local recycling centers. In Charleston County, the local government has made the process even easier by distributing cooking oil disposal containers at eight county-operated convenience centers.

Green Energy Biofuel collects and refines this used cooking oil to make its biodiesel product, a key component for Bioheat® fuel. This renewable home heating oil is excellent for the planet. Plus, it lowers system maintenance and improves heating efficiency. Boilers and furnaces that burn Bioheat fuel see lower energy costs and fewer repairs.

A Green Future Powered by Heating Oil

With so much talk about eco-friendly energy, you might wonder about where home heating oil stands. Don’t worry. Not only is today’s heating oil environmentally friendly, it’s also a vital part of America’s movement toward net-zero carbon emissions.

Advanced heating fuels like Bioheat® fuel combine ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesel, composed of organic products like used cooking oil, tallow, fats and algae. Produced in the U.S, it is one of the cleanest-burning energy sources.

Biodiesel is a gallon-for-gallon substitute for petroleum-based fuels Widespread regional use of Bioheat annually prevents more than 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalent of removing 320,000 vehicles from the road.

Plus, homes that heat with energy-efficient Bioheat fuel use less energy overall. Right now, and in the years ahead, you should feel great about heating your South Carolina home with renewable heating oil!

Biodiesel Production Grows

Today, more than 125 production plants around the country make biodiesel. The United States biodiesel industry produces about three billion gallons of biodiesel now.

Increased production isn’t just about achieving a cleaner environment. It’s about building a stronger economy too. The biodiesel industry supports nearly 60,000 jobs and generates billions of dollars in GDP, household income and tax revenues.