For Realtors

Interested in Selling Oilheated Homes?

Build Your Knowledge of the New Oilheat and Succeed in Closing More Homes

Your clients expect you to know everything when it comes to the home they’re looking to buy or sell. You can boost your listings and sales of oilheated homes if your clients see you as a knowledgeable real estate agent looking after their best interests.

To build up your knowledge, consider forming a partnership with the oilheat experts – local heating oil providers in South Carolina. They are a great resource for South Carolina real estate agents and would be happy to discuss all the benefits of oilheat for prospective homeowners.

When considering the advantage of oilheating equipment in the next home you list for sale, consider these points as part of your marketing strategy:

  • Oilheat companies can make life easier with automatic fuel deliveries so homeowners don’t have to worry about calling for deliveries or running out of fuel when they need it the most.
  • Today’s oilheat systems are so compact, they take up as little as five square feet of space.
  • The newest oil heating systems (condensing boilers and furnaces) have AFUE ratings as high as 95%.
  • Many oilheat systems are so efficient they qualify for the Energy Star label.
  • Oilheated homes heat up quickly and provide even and efficient heat. For every gallon of oil burned, a whopping 140,000 Btu’s are generated.
  • Particulate emissions have been reduced significantly and new oilheat systems now burn fuel 99.9 % clean,  according to studies conducted at the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory.
  • Compared with 25 years ago, homeowners now need an average of 500 gallons less oil to heat their homes each year. That’s because new oilheating systems are much more efficient  than those from a generation ago.
  • Oil-fired water heaters provide unlimited hot water at low cost. Not only does an oil water heater save huge amounts of money over its lifetime, it is also perfect for homes with high hot water demand (growing families, homes with Jacuzzi bathtubs, etc.)